In order to conduct extensive survey of all the immovable enemy properties situated throughout the country, meeting with the District Authorities has been started for sensitizing them about their role regarding identification, vesting, preservation, management, control and disposal of the enemy properties strictly under the provisions of the Enemy Property Act, 1968 as amended by the Enemy Property , MHA were held on 28th August, 2018 and 20th September, 2018 respectively at Lucknow and Delhi.
  • Video Conferences were also held with DM/DCs of Assam and Rajasthan on 27th Sept,2018 and 28th Sept,2018 respectively.
  • Video Conference have been proposed with Gujarat Haryana on 01st Oct,2018 and with Karnataka Kerala on 3rd Oct,2018.
  • Similar sensitizing meetings/Video Conferences with Nodal Offices/DMs of other States/UTs have also been planned during the month of October/November 2018.